School & Sport Physicals in Orange City, FL

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School & Sport Physicals in Orange City, FL

School and sports physicals are an important part of our children’s health. They ensure our kids are healthy enough to participate in school sports, and provide us with the peace of mind that our children are safe. It’s that time of year again, so come in today for a school and sports physical!

Where can I get a sports physical for school?

If you want to go to a primary care physician for a physical, you’ll have to spend time on the phone making an appointment, and who knows when he or she will be available when you finally get a hold of the office. Also, if you think you can walk into an emergency room and see a doctor for something as non-life-threatening as a simple physical, odds are they’ll just keep you and your otherwise healthy kid waiting for hours.

Town Center Family Practice makes school and sports physicals as convenient and efficient as possible. Once you’re there, the wait time to be seen by a doctor is minimal, leaving you and your kids enough time to go home, make dinner, and relax.

What is the difference between a school physical and a sports physical?

A school physical exam monitors the development and health of a child. The doctor will record the child’s progress through a series of tests and checks. The sports physical specifically checks the child’s physical health to ensure that they are fit to participate in a specific sport. Many of these tests will be the same as the tests performed in a standard annual physical with a specific focus on how the child will perform in their chosen sport.

Over the course of a year, a child’s well-being and health changes and develops. Routine checkups provide the opportunity to monitor your child’s growth and development, and to safeguard against any potential issues. Sports physicals and annual exams complement each other, giving your healthcare professional a much more rounded medical history of your child. Requirements vary depending on the school district. To protect the overall well-being of the classroom or sports team, many schools and sports teams require an annual physical and vaccination record.

What does a physical for school consist of?

Annual physical exams should be performed on kids from preschool through high school. Below are five main things you should know about back-to-school physicals:

  1. Routine Physical

Physical exams will vary from age to age and from doctor to doctor (and sometimes with variance from your health insurance plan) but the basics of a back-to-school physical start with the routine exam based on guidelines set by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

  1. Medical History

Reviewing your child’s and your family’s medical history with your pediatrician during a back-to-school physical is important for detecting patterns of disease and chronic illness that run in your family.

  1. Preventative Screening

Annual wellness visits give doctors the opportunity to check kids for illnesses and chronic diseases in early childhood when they may be easier to treat or even prevent.

  1. Behavioral Development

Having a healthy mind is of equal importance as a healthy body. This is why many physicians take time during an annual back-to-school physical to assess kids’ intellectual and behavioral development.

  1. Immunizations

Immunizations are required by schools before your child can attend. School-aged children can expect booster shots during their annual physical exam, although most vaccinations are given before kids turn two.

If your child is in need of a school or sports physical, come to Town Center Family Practice today! We have professional and caring staff to help your child take part in sports and attend class! Contact our office today to get in touch with a specialist. To book an appointment, call us or visit us online!